Salle le Peletier - Like many of the operas preceding le Palais Garnier, Salle le Peletier burned to the ground. It was home to the Paris Opera from its opening in 1821 to 1873 when it was destroyed by a fire which is speculated to be caused by the gas lighting on the stage. While vaguely mentioned in Leroux’s novel as the place where Sorelli’s mother performed in the ballet, I decided to visit the spot where it was thought to have stood. 

On the corner of Rue le Peletier (which the opera was named after, not the other way around) and Rue Rossini (formerly Rue Pinon), the space is now occupied due to the growth of the city. Interestingly enough, it was quite easy to spot the building which now takes its space. It is a very modern-looking apartment complex with a bank on the first floor. Looking at the map of the former opera as well as the current building itself, it shows the opera was not nearly as large as the opera which was built to take its place, le Palais Garnier, which was contracted in 1861; well before the loss of Salle le Peletier. Garnier’s construction was completed in 1875.

A small reminder of the existence of the opera could be found just down the street on Rue le Peletier, where there is a hotel called Peletier-Haussmann Opera Hotel. 

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